Car Selection Philosophy

If the automobile’s body type is a coupe, this means that you are someone who is independent and would like not to have worries of being married or taking care of children.

Now we look at the automobile’s manufacturer, the manufacturer’s emblem, and the typical style in which that particular manufacturer builds its cars. The car’s body style, manufacturer, and color all say something about your personality and lifestyle.

If your dream car is a red Ferrari 458 Italia, then you are someone who appreciates the finer things in life, likes to show success, likes attention but with a touch of practicality. Given that this car is a coupe, has a beautiful body that is a work of art, and has a prancing horse as its emblem then this car represents what you as an individual stand for. The reason why this car has a practical side to it is because it is not a Lamborghini that has sharp edgy body lines and a raging bull as its emblem making it seem more intimidating.

Once you have decided what your favorite car is, come back to, click on “My Profile” and note the name of your favorite car in your introduction paragraph.